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Here are the trips that ZoldoTAXI offers its customers.
The prices refer to the total cost of the trip, regardless of the number of participants.
Custom modifications are possible on request, or obviously other destinations at the customer's discretion.
We are here to meet your needs!


Visit Belluno!

Excursion to Belluno.
Half day, € 90


Discover Belluno and Feltre!

Excursion to Belluno, free lunch and transfer to Feltre for a free visit.
Full day, € 150


Feltre and the Pedavena brewery

Excursion to Feltre and transfer to the Pedavena brewery (the biggest in Italy) for free lunch and relax in the park. Possibility of guided visits to the factory.
Full day, € 150


Excursion to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Arrival at the Auronzo refuge directly with ZoldoTAXI, then free time for hiking. Whole day,
€ 180 including the Tre Cime road toll.


On the summit of Mount Rite, a 360° panorama of the Cadore Dolomites

Arrival near the summit of Mount Rite and free time for a free visit: panoramic balcony of the UNESCO Dolomites, Messner Museum "Museum in the Clouds", Dolomites Refuge.
Half day, € 100


Relax for families at Piani di Pezzé

Transfer to Piani di Pezzé directly with ZoldoTAXI and without using the cableway, and free day for relaxation, ideal for families with children.
Full day, € 100


Excursion to Cortina and Cibiana, the town of murals

Arrival in Cortina and free time for visit and free lunch. Transfer to Cibiana for a free walk to discover the murals, return to Val di Zoldo. Whole day, € 140

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