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Important informations

ZoldoTAXI is COVID-19 FREE: the vehicle is sanitized after each use.
All ZoldoTAXI drivers are professional drivers of GranTurismo cars and coaches, in possession of a superior licence, driver's qualification card and regularly registered, who carry out this job as their only profession, and not as a secondary activity.
ZoldoTAXI is National Alpine Club-friendly: reduced fare if at least one passenger is a CAI member in possession of a card.
in regular use! (summer service only)
With ZoldoTAXI payment is also accepted by POS!
ZoldoTAXI does not benefit from any kind of contribution, but relies exclusively on its economic capacity.
Upon reservation, and at special rates, services for groups of more than 8 people are also available. These services will be carried out with minibuses with 15 or 32 seats, or for large groups with GranTurismo coaches.
Fares are established on the basis of resolution no. 20 of 29.03.2011 of the former municipality of Forno di Zoldo, now municipality of Val di Zoldo. The ZoldoTAXI service is operated by Viaggi Prealpi s.r.l. unipersonale through regular license n.3 issued by the former municipality of Forno di Zoldo, now municipality of Val di Zoldo, and by drivers regularly enrolled in the register.
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